Effects of AL-Qutub (Tribulus terrestris) on the Spermatogenesis of theMouse Testis: Histological, Histochemical and Morphometrical Studies


Backgrounds: Tribulus terrestris is one of the traditional herbs that have a
revolutionary breakthrough in the management of erectile dysfunction and
have become world –wide as an “instant treatment”
Materials & Methods: Tribulus terrestris was given daily to mature male
mouse in a dose of 2 mg /kg body weight for 14 days .10% formalin fixed
paraffin sections were performed for histological, histochemical and
morphometrical studies.
Results: Histological and histochemical studies demonstrated a considerable
increase in the number of spermatocytes, spermatids and sperms in parallel
with an increase number of interstitial (Leydig) cells. Morphometrically, the
thickness of seminiferous tubule is significantly increased together with a
significant increase in the number of interstitial cells.
Conclusions: Tribulus terrestris increases the number of Leydig cells, and the
androgens produced by these cells are directly responsible for enhanced
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