Philosophy Journal

Published by Al-Mustansyriah University

ISSN: 1136-1992 (Print)

Language: Arabic and English

Subjects: Philosophy (General)
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   Philosophy journal is a semi-annual peer-reviewed philosophical journal, issued by the College of Arts - Mustansiriyah University, with (ISSN: 1136-1992), and ( DOI: 10.35284 ) . It is concerned with publishing academic researches and studies in the various fields of the history of philosophy: (Greek , medieval Cristian , Islamic, modern , contemporary , and contemporary Arab and Islamic thought) , and various branches of philosophy ( metaphysics , interpretation , philosophy of language , religion , knowledge , history , aesthetics , art , literature , politics and law ... ). Publishing in the journal is in Arabic, English or French. In addition to academic services , the journal aims to consolidate culture , spread constructive critical awareness , and open the way for the advancement of thought and civilizational prosperity.


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Philosophy Journal is committed to open access and all content is freely available to all immediately after publication.

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