The Biotechnology Research Center (BRC) in Al-Nahrain University issued in 2007 the first edition of a tightly seasonal scientific journal named the journal Biotechnology Research Center (JBRC) which got authorization in 2005 and held an impact number ISSN: 1815-1140. The journal accepts scientific researches in Arabic and English. JBRC’s main interest is Biotechnology researches in the Medical, Molecular, Agriculture, and environmental fields which have an important impact on the public and private sectors in Iraq. JBRC’s structure consists of an editing committee (headed by the manager of the BRC and the editor in chief), a consulting committee (contains a well-known Iraqi scientist in biotechnology), and an editing secretary. All researches are submitted to the JBRC’s regulations which are mainly is that they must be according to the journal directions and instructions, then the researches will be evaluated by three well-known scientists in the field and after that reviewing occurred by the editing committee to ensure and verify all JBRC’s instructions and regulations are taken into consideration. A special edition of JBCR is issued to cover all researches that presented to the BRC’s scientific conferences which subjected to all regulations and instructions of publishing in JBCR.

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