Al-Nahrain Journal for Engineering Sciences

Published by Al-Nahrain University

ISSN: 2521-9154 (Print)
ISSN: 2521-9162 (Electronic)

Language: Arabic and English

Subjects: Technology and engineering (General)


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Al-Nahrain Journal for Engineering Sciences is an open access specialized academic journal that evaluates and publish scientific papers in all engineering subject matters submitted by researchers. The editorial board consists of faculty members from Al-Nahrain University and other international universities, as well as an advisory board from Iraqi and foreign universities, specialized in engineering sciences. The members of these boards typically hold the Professor and Asst. Professor scientific titles. The editorial board have monthly meetings to follow-up the progress of the submitted papers and the journal affairs, as well as the approval or rejection of concluded papers according to the reviews of the selected professional reviewers for each paper. These reviewers are selected according to the specialized subject matter of each paper. The journal is owned by Al-Nahrain University - College of engineering. It was founded in 1988 (previously titled; Nahrain University - College of Engineering Journal with the ISSN 1812-187X). It is a quarterly publication in English, issued in Baghdad under the authority of College of Engineering - Al-Nahrain University, with the registration number ISSN 2521-9154 and eISSN 2521-9162. Also, the journal has the DOI prefix 10.29194. NJES became a member of DOAJ since 2018.

Scope of the Journal
AL-NAHRAIN JOURNAL FOR ENGINEERING SCIENCES is committed to publish the scientific output of researchers in the full range of engineering fields of architectural, chemical, civil, computer, electrical, electronic, communications, information technology, laser and optoelectronics, mechanical and biomedical engineering as well as any directly related fields. The most significant criteria for accepting papers in this journal is scientific excellence and integrity. 

The material of the paper must not violate any intellectual property rights of any person or entity, must not contain any subject matter that contravenes any Iraqi or international laws, and must adhere to the ethical standards applicable for all research disciplines. NJES accepts papers written in English only aside from the Arabic title and abstract for native Arabic speakers.

Open Access
AL-NAHRAIN JOURNAL FOR ENGINEERING SCIENCES is committed to open access and all content is freely available to all immediately after publication.

The journal retain the copyright of their papers without restrictions.

Creative Commons-Attribution Non-commercial (by-nc)

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