Iraqi Journal of Architecture & Planning

Published by University of Technology

ISSN: 26179547 26179555

Language: Arabic and English

Subjects: Urban geography; Architecture and the built environment
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Editorial Board


  • Assistant Professor Dr. ibraheem jawad alyousif


  • Lecturer Dr. Ahmed Talib Hameed Haddad

  • Lecturer Dr. Ahmed Louay Ahmed

  • Professor Dr. Asmaa Abdelaty Mohamed Ibrahim

  • Professor Dr. Eric Farr

  • Assistant Professor Dr. Parizat Qassim Hussein Fehmi

  • Lecturer Dr. Bilal Sameer

  • Dr. Poorang Piroozfar

  • Lecturer MSc. Hussaen Ali Hasan Kahachi
    UoT - Dep. of Architectural Engineering
  • Lecturer Dr. Haider Jasim Essa Al-Saaidy

  • Dr. Daniel Antón García

  • Lecturer Dr. Zainab Abdul Hadi Dawood

  • Dr. Sahar H. Yosif

  • Assistant Professor Dr. Sabeeh Lafta Farhan

  • Lecturer Dr. Venus Suleiman Akef

  • Dr. Kaiss Shawi

  • Dr. Kamalika Bose

  • Lecturer Dr. Lina Ghanim Yaqub Jajjawi

  • Dr. Nadeen Abd Yashoaa

  • Dr. Namtip Yamali

  • Professor Dr. Nashwan Dawood

  • Lecturer Dr. Nagam Ahmed Al-Qaysi

  • Lecturer Dr. Yahya Adil Ibraheem