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The Journal aims to disseminate knowledge in the fields of Engineering, Technology and Sciences .All the researches will submit to the scientific evaluation procedures of publishing and documentation. The journal under takes only the publishing of the new researches that had not been published previously on other journals or debated in conferences. The Instructions of Submitting The Research to Scientific Evaluation: a- The research should be Submitted in 4 copies in Arabic or English Languages, auther's name should be eliminated from 2 copies only. The abstract should be typed on the front page not exceeding (150 words) in both Arabic and English on size (A4) sheet. Pages should be numbered and not more than (15) page. b- The researcher should fill a declaration form which states that he doesn't publish the research during the evaluation period. He must give his full address phone number and e-mail. Firstly- The author should pay a fee of (ID55000) when he submits the research and a fee of (ID55000) when the research is accepted .These fees are obligatory for all. The sum cannot be reimbursed in any case. Secondly- The annual subscription in the journal inside Iraq is ID250000) Iraqi dinar, and outside Iraq is (us $250) abroad. ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ Engineering and Technology Journal Publication Ethics The publication of science and technology include thorough, methodical and complete processes by publishers and editors which have to be handled efficiently and proficiently. To sustain high ethical values of publication, publishers attempt to work intimately at all times with editors, authors, and peer-reviewers. The ethics statement for the Engineering & Technology Journal is based on those issued by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) Code of Conduct guidelines available at The basic publishing ethics involved in the publishing process can be summarized as follows: Reviewers’ Responsibilities The responsibilities of the reviewers can be identified as: • To provide a detailed, effective, and unbiased evaluation in promptly on the scientific content of the work. • To indicate whether the writing is relevant, brief and clear and evaluating the originality and scientific accuracy of the submitted paper. • To maintain the confidentiality of the complete review process. • To inform the journal editor about any financial or personal conflict of interest and reject to review the manuscript when a possibility of such a conflict exists. • To inform the journal editor of any ethical concerns in their evaluation of submitted manuscripts; such as any violation of ethical treatment of animal or human subjects or any considerable similarity between the previously published article and any reviewed manuscript. Authors’ Responsibilities The responsibilities of the authors can be described as: • To assure that all the work reported in the manuscript must be original and free from any plagiarism. • To make confident that the submitted work should not have been published elsewhere or submitted to any other journal(s) at the same time. • To explicitly acknowledge any potential conflict of interest. • The author(s) must give proper acknowledgments to other work reported (individual/company/institution). Permission must be obtained from any content used from other sources. • It is important to note that only those who have made any substantial contribution to the interpretation or composition of the submitted work should be listed as ‘Authors’. On the other hand, other contributors should be mentioned as ‘co-authors’. Publishers’ Responsibilities The responsibilities of the Engineering & Technology Journal can be defined as: • Engineering & Technology Journal is committed to working with journal editors, defining clearly their relevant roles, in order to ensure appropriate decisions regarding publication procedures and maintaining the transparency of editorial decisions. • Engineering & Technology Journal guarantees the integrity autonomy and originality of each published article concerning: o publication and research funding o publication ethics and integrity o conflicts of interest o confidentiality o authorship o article modifications o timely release of content. ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY JOURNAL Scientific Refereed Journal Issued by University of Technology, IRAQ COPYRIGHT AGREEMENT The following assignment of copyright, executed and signed by the Author, is required with each manuscript submission. If the article is a “work made for hire”, the employer must sign it. The Author warrants that he/she has full power to make this agreement on behalf of himself and all his co-authors. To the extent transferable, copyright in and of the undersigned, Author’s article titled: ************************************************************************by: *************************************************Reference ID: ******* submitted to the Engineering and Technology Journal is hereby assigned for publication. In consideration of the acceptance of the Article for publication, the Author assigns to the Journal with full title guarantee, all copyrights, rights in the nature of copyright, and all other intellectual property rights in the Article throughout the world (present and future, and including all renewals, extensions, revivals, restorations and accrued rights of action). The Author represents that he is the author and proprietor of this Article and that this Article has not heretofore been published in any form. The Author warrants that he has obtained written permission and paid all fees for use of any literary or illustration material for which rights are held by others. The Author agrees to hold the Editor(s)/Publisher harmless against any suit, demand, claim or recovery, finally sustained, by reason of any violation of proprietary right or copyright, or any unlawful matter contained in this article: Signature: Date: Name of Author: Institution or Company: