Journal Of Babylon Center for Humanities Studies

Published by Babylon University

ISSN: 22272895 23130059

Language: Arabic and English

Subjects: Social sciences (General); History of Europe; Political science (General); Languages; Literature; General bibliographies; Library and information science (General); Art; General works
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Journal Of Babylon Center for Humanities Studies is a official Journal issued by the Babylon Center for cultural and historical studies at the University of Babylon, and specializes in the deployment of research and academic articles in the fields of humanities and historical and cultural, Journal is published Quarterly, four times each year which it been edited by a panel scientific works on research Assessment sent where each search is sent to the management of the Journal is working on at least two experts in the evaluation of every aspect of it, and according to form designed for this purpose and we do not publish any articles or research without authorize of the deployment by our experts. university of babylon Release year 2011 Total issues 30 issue quarterly Journal