journal of kerbala university

Published by Kerbala University

ISSN: 1813-0410 (Print)

Language: Arabic and English

Subjects: General works
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The Journal of Kerbala University is a refereed scientific Journal which is quarterly issued for the purposes of scientific promotions. It covers various specialties. It was first published in 2003 and gained the international ISSN-1813-0410. The journal annually receives 500 research papers so the number of the published papers amounts to 300 papers and the pending ones amount to 200 papers. The research papers are subject to scientific evaluation by professional panelists and they are published in both Arabic and English languages. The Journal is concerned with: 1- Receiving the professors' research papers to be published in the Journal. 2- Forwarding the research papers to the evaluating committee of panelists. 3- Providing the researchers with a letter of publication acceptance after receiving an approval of publication. 4- Setting up the research papers according to the criteria set by Journal. 5- Making 50 copies of the special issue of the Journal scientific issue Arabic+ Human studies+ scientific studies in English and Arabic.