Journal of Al-Frahedis Arts

Published by Tikrit University

ISSN: 2663-8118 (Print)
ISSN: 2074-9554 (Electronic)

Language: Arabic and English

Subjects: Historical osteology; Prehistoric archaeology; Social sciences (General); Linguistics; History of Europe


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Journal of Al-Frahedis Arts: A quarterly scientific journal issued by the Faculty of Arts at Tikrit University and concerned with humanities research in both Arabic and English in the following six disciplines: 1. Research and Studies of Arabic Language and Literature. 2. Historical and Archaeological Research and Studies. 3. Applied Research and Geography Studies. 4. Media and Political Research and Studies. 5. Social and Intellectual Research. 6. Studies in Translation and Literature. The first issue was published in December 2009, and the Journal has an international number for paper publishing: (2074-9554) and an international number for electronic publishing (8118-2663) and has a deposit number in the House of Books and Documentation in Baghdad with the number (1602 of 2011). So far, the Journal has published regularly (47) issues. Scientific Research Evaluation Form

Scope of the Journal

بحوث ودراسات اللغة العربية وآدابها

البحوث والدراسات التاريخية والآثارية

بحوث ودراسات الجغرافية التطبيقية

البحوث والدراسات الإعلامية والسياسية

الدراسات الاجتماعية والفكرية

دراسات في الترجمة وفنونها

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Journal of Al-Frahedis Arts is committed to open access and all content is freely available to all immediately after publication.

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