Journal of Engineering

Published by Baghdad University

ISSN: 1726-4073 (Print)   ISSN: 2520-3339 (Electronic)

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Editorial Board


  • Professor Dr. Basma Abbas Abdulmajeed
    University of Baghdad colleg Engineering chemical Engineering Department


  • Professor Dr. Hussain Al-Rizzo
    Department of Systems Engineering University of Arkansas at Little Rock
  • Assistant Professor Dr. Fanar Mansour Abd
    Dept. of Surveying Engineering
    E mail:
  • Professor Dr. Anita Zavodska
    School of Professional and Career Education Environmental sciences .Barry University USA
  • Professor Dr. Eyad Hassan Abed
    Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the Institute for Systems Research.University of Maryland, College Park.
  • Professor Dr. Pedro Azara Nicolas
    Department of Theory.Polytechnics University of Catalonia
  • Professor Dr. Taju alarifin Bin Musa
    Faculty of Geoinformation and Real Estate University of Technology- Malaysia
  • Professor Dr. Hassan Al-Nageim
    Liverpool Centre for Materials Technology.Liverpool John Moores University, UK.
  • Professor Dr. Shihab Ahmed Shamma
    Electrical and Computer Engineering The Institute for Systems Research
  • Professor Dr. Amer Farouk Izzet
    Dept. of Civil Engineering
  • Professor Dr. Fathi A.Alshamma
    Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
  • Professor Dr. Hazim Abass
    Petroleum Engineering. Colorado School of Mines
  • Professor Dr. Marwan Suliman
    Department of Physics.Mutah University, Jordan
  • Assistant Professor Dr. Jalal A.Al-Sudani
    Dept. of Oil Engineering
  • Assistant Professor Dr. Ghada M. Ismael kamoona
    Dept. of Architecture Engineering
  • Assistant Professor Dr. Maysoon Basheer Abid
    Dept. of Water Resources
  • Professor Dr. Wameath Shawqi Abdul-Majeed
    Chemical and Petrochemical Engineering Department Nizwa University College of Engineering and Architecture (CEA),
  • Professor Dr. Ali A. Merdaw Al-Saadi
    Chemical Engineering ME Scientific Engineering Ltd, Leeds, UK
  • Professor Dr. Zainab Ziad Ismail Rasheed
  • Assistant Professor Dr. Ammar A.Farhan
    Dept. of Energy Engineering College of Engineering University of Baghdad
  • Assistant Professor Dr. Firas Mohammed Tuaimah
  • Professor Dr. Qassim Nasir
    Electrical and Computer Engineering.University of Sharjah
  • Professor Dr. Uday M. Basheer Al-Naib
    School of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, UTM, Malaysia ;;
  • Assistant Professor Dr. Nader Parvin
    Amirkabir University of Technology , Tehran Polytechnique
  • Assistant Professor Dr. Nadia Adnan Shiltagh