AL - Bahith AL - A’alami

Published by Baghdad University

ISSN: 19958005 26179318

Language: Arabic and English

Subjects: Linguistics; Journalism; Art
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About Journal Founded in 2005 and issued by the College of Media - University of Baghdad, the Al-Bahith Al-a'alami (ABAA) is an open access journal, peer-reviewed and free of charge. Its content is available to all researchers and readers. In addition, ABAA is a quarterly scientific journal, it publishes from 36 to 40 articles over four times a year. The published articles are specialized in Media and communication science (Journalism, Radio & Television press, Public Relations). ABAA received the print ISSN (8005-1995) and online ISSN (2617-9318). It currently prints 500 (Previously 1000) issues quarterly and publishes them to researchers from inside and outside Iraq according to the scientific conditions established in the pages of the magazine. ABAA seeks to maintain high academic standards and an international reputation welcoming original, theoretical and practical submission from all over the world. Registered ressources Key title (print) AL - Bahith AL - A’alami ISSN (print) 1995-8005 Key title (on line) AL - Bahith AL - A’alami ISSN (print) 2617-9318 Key title in original characters: الباحث الإعلامي (Online) Title proper: AL - Bahith AL - A’alami Original alphabet of title: Arabic Earliest publisher: بغداد - جامعة بغداد - كلية الاعلام Earliest publisher: College of Information - University of Baghdad Dates of publication: 2005- 9999 Frequency: Quarterly Type of resource: Periodical Country: Iraq