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Subjects: Mathematics; Science (General); Medicine (General); Agriculture (General)
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Editorial Board


  • Assistant Professor Dr. Ahlam Hussien Al Musawi
    Iraq - Laser Phys.


  • Professor Dr. Ahab mohammed hussain
    Iraq - Al-Kut Univ. College - Pharmacy
  • Professor Dr. Taghreed Hashim Al-Noor
    Iraq - President of the A. Ch.S. Chapter of Iraq - Chemists
  • Professor Dr. Hafid mohammed dhuyab
    Iraq - Al-Kut Univ. College - Dentistry
  • Lecturer Dr. Rabi Nori
    Iraq - Al-Kut Univ. College - Laser Phys
  • Lecturer Dr. Zeid Muhsen
    Iraq - Al-Kut Univ. College
  • Professor Dr. Sharov Vadim Ivanovich
    Russia - Biology
  • Lecturer Dr. Talib Zedan Al-Musawi
    Iraq - Al-Kut Univ. College - Laser Phys
  • Professor Dr. Adawih Jemaah Hiader
    Iraq - Laser Phys.
  • Professor Dr. Ali hussain rishak
    U.K. - Derm Uni. - Physics
  • Professor Dr. Omar Shhab Hamad Al-Obaidi
    Iraq - Chemists
  • Professor Dr. Mohammed Saleh Mahdi
    Iraq - Laser Eng.
  • Professor Dr. Mohammed Abdulwahhab Munshid
    Iraq - Laser Eng.
  • Professor Dr. Mahmoud Ahmed Souror
    Lebanon - Lebanon Uni.
  • Professor Dr. Marie M. El-Ajaily
    Libya - Banghazi Uni. - Chemists
  • Assistant Professor Dr. ANadiah Hashim Al-Noor
    Iraq- Al-Mustansiriya Uni. – Mathematical Statistics
  • Professor Dr. Nassir Mohammed Fahad
    Iraq - Al-Kut Univ. College
  • Professor Dr. Nabil Mohie El-Deen Abdel-Hamid
    Egypt - Kafr Al-Sheikh Uni. - Pharmacy
  • Researcher Dr. Nagham Thamir Ali
    Iraq - Ministry of Science & Technology - Laser Phys