Funon Al-Basrah

Published by Basrah University

ISSN: 2305-6002 (Print)

Language: Arabic

Subjects: Music; Theater; Art
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Funon Al - Basrah Cohereut Artistis Cultural Magazine Issued by Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research College of Fine Arts - Basrah University Terms of Publication 1- The magazine aims publishing only the original scientific researches of distinct level which haven,t been issued before in the field of fine arts . 2- All researches are subject to be evaluated by speaialist experts inside and outside 3- All presented researches issued in Arabic the researcher has to pass over two copies of the context – one face typed in ( A4 ) besides CD copy on work XP simplified Arabic dimension (14) for the line and ( 16 ) for main titles , with blak broad letter : one space between ( 2 ) lines ; double space among paragraphs. 4- Arabic and English abstracts of 150 wwords for each , should be handed over to the editorial 60 ard. 5- I.D 40,000 – Fourty thousands Iraqi dinnars should be paid by the researcher to cover the fees of evaluation and publication. 6- Serial of materials issued is due to technical consideration.. 7- All correspondences and enquires are to be directed to. 2 Issues annully ( Periodical )