Effect of adding( cuminum cyminum) seeds in diet on production performance for broiler chickens (Ross 308 )


Abstract : This study was conducted in the poultry Field , Deptartment of animal Resources – college of Agriculture – Tikrit university aperiod from 19/9/2013 to 31/10/2013 (42 days) , The aim of this experiments is to study the effect of adding two different levels of Cumin seeds to each of the diet in productive performance .Two hundred seventy unsexed one day old chicken (Ross 308) was used, an experiments included three treatments and each treatments included three replicates at 30 birds each replicates. The First treatments represents the control treatment , without the addition of Cumin seeds in the diet .The second Cumin seeds addition by 1g per kg in the diet. The third Cumin seeds addition by 1.5g per kg in the diet.The statistical analysis results refers to : A significant incease (p<0.05) for a life body weight , body weight gain and feed conversion ratio.No significant differences (p<0.05) for feed intake and mortality rate .