Isolation and Identification of some pathogenic Bacterial Species Contaminated from Meats in Butchers Shops and Kebab Restaurants in AL-Kut city


Abstract: This study was conductedfordetectionofpathogenicbacterial species that contaminate meat in the butchers shops and kebab restaurants inAl-Kut city. Ten samples from 10 butcher shops and 10 restaurantswerecollected.These samples were suspended in sterile normal saline in order to using for isolation and identification of pathogenic bacteria. The cultural properties and biochemical tests results revealed the bacterial isolates return to two+ bacterial species: Escherichia coli (40%) and Staphylococcus aureus (29%) in butchers shops, in front of E.coli (19%) ,S.aureus (28%) and Klebsiella sp. (9%) in restaurants . The antibiotics susceptibility pattern results showed all of these isolates were resist to most traditional antibiotics but in different ratios.