Evaluation the Inhibitory Effect of Aloe Vera Aqueous and Alcoholic Extracts on Salivary Streptococcus Mutans In Comparison to Chlorohexidine Gluconate

Maha Jamal Abbas مها جمال عباس

Tikrit Journal for Dental Sciences مجلة تكريت لعلوم طب الاسنان
ISSN: 20731213 Year: 2015 Volume: 3 Issue: 1 Pages: 124-135
Publisher: Tikrit University جامعة تكريت


diabetic properties. The aim of this study (an in vitro study) was to evaluate the effect of Aloe Vera alcoholic and water aqueous extract in different concentration (18%, 28%, 38%, and 48%) on the viable count and inhibition zone of streptococcus mutans and compared with chlorhexidine 2%. In this study the isolation and identification of streptococcus mutans was performed from saliva of individual, aged under 65 years old, these bacteria was isolated, purified and diagnosed according to morphological characteristic features and biochemical test. The effect of Aloe Vera extracts in different concentrations were tested on the isolated species by using agar diffusion technique and the effect of different concentrations of aloe vera on viable count of streptococcus mutans.Results: In vitro experiments, statistically reduction in the viable count of streptococcus mutans was recorded at all concentration of alcoholic Aloe Vera extract and increase in the concentration lead to increase in the reduction of viable count of streptococcus mutans while in this study showed significant reduction in viable count of streptococcus mutans at higher concentration of water extract of Aloe Vera at 38% and 48%.The diameter of inhibition zone of streptococcus mutans were highly significant at all concentration of alcoholic extract in comparison to water extract


Aloe Vera --- dental caries --- streptococcus mutans