Lead Forms in Some Basrah Soils


Lead is one of the toxic elements for environment, human, animal, and plantFor this reason , ten locations were selected in Basrah governorate with two depths (0-5and 5-30 cm) ,and near –far from source of pollution to from fourteen soil samples .Soilsamples were collected during Dec. 2007 to Jan. 2008. Chemical and physicalProperties of soil Samples were determined. Different forms of lead in soils wereextracted and determined including total, soluble and available lead which extracted byDTPA solution, 1M NaOAC and 1M NH4OAC. Results indicated that total leadconcentration in studied soils were in the range of (209.04 to 4326.92mg Kg-1 soil) withthe mean value of (1147.09mg Kg-1soil),soluble lead concentration was between (0.17to 8.13mg L-1) with the mean value of 0,17 mg L-1, and these values represent (0.17%)of total lead concentration. Chemical extracts were differed in their extraction abilitiesof available lead , as follower in the order : DTPA solution>1M NaOAC >1M NH4OACthe 0-5cm,and sites near pollution sources were surpassed 5-30 cm and for pollutionsources in total, soluble and available lead.