Chemical Properties of Selected Contaminated Soils in Basrah City, Southern Iraq


The main objective of this study are both analyzing the chemical propertiesof soil quality in the urban area of Basra City, southern Iraq, and identifying thecontamination effect on seasonal and spatial variations in chemical properties of theselected soil samples. Soil samples were collecting from known contaminated sitesduring winter and summer seasons of 2009. Sampling sites were selecting from variousurban land-use patterns. The results of chemical parameters of soils in the study areahave shown that seasonally and spatially varied, and that soil quality is deterioratingbecause of combined anthropogenic and natural factors. It has been indicating that, onaverage, soil quality was highly saline in terms of EC index, slightly alkaline in termsof pH index, and sodic-saline in terms of the US salinity Lab index. The main reasonfor this urban soil degradation it can be concluded due to the effects of contaminationcaused by various urban activities.