Morphological-Mechanical Proprieties of Five Different Tomato Varieties in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for High Techniques in Harvesting, Handling and Manufacturing


Physical characteristics of five different varieties of tomato fruits were studied in order to improve design, fabricate and control tomato harvesting. The selected morphological and mechanical properties such as diameters, sphericity, surface area, volume, mass, densities, porosity, projected area and coefficient of frictions. Results showed moisture, length, width, thickness, mass, geometric mean diameter, arithmetic mean diameter, square mean diameter, equivalent mean diameter, aspect ratio, actual volume, ellipsoid volume, prolate spheroid volume, surface area, sphericity, packaging coefficient, true density, bulk density, density ratio, porosity had significant effect (P<0.05). On the other hand, results showed criteria projected area and dynamic coefficient of friction had no significant effect (P<0.05). These varieties have considerable number of attributes that required to be processed by food industries, hence and breeders for cultivation. In the current study, researchers investigated the mentioned attributes of tomatoes and then establishing a convenient reference table for tomato mechanization and processing.