Studying the Particle Size Effect on Thermal Conductivity for Hybrid Particulate Composite


In this research the thermal conductivity of the epoxy resin composites had studied characterized as operating particle size of filler. SiO2 and MgO are used as filler with three different particle size (37,75 and 125μm) with volume fraction of 5%. Hybrid composite samples of both filler were prepared using same value of 2.5% of both in composite. The result shown enhancement in thermal conductivity value of composites compares with the pure and incensement with decreased the grain size of particles additives as a nonlinear relationship. The result given away thermal conductivity of EP/MgO composites better than the thermal conductivity EP/ SiO composite. The hybrid composite samples gives high values of thermal conductivity comparing with (Ep/MgO, EP/SiO2) alone for all particle size.