The Legal Conception for Estate Financing Contract (Comparative Study)


ABSTACTBecome a home ownership for the time being it difficult for many individuals due to weak purchasing power universe financing residential real estate need to finance large amounts of capital , compared with funding portables , and from here focused on countries actively Mortgage , have reflected this importance formulas contract that is real estate finance from which the purchase or construction or restoration or improvement, among formulas contract that is a contract of mortgage in which the financier lends the buyer the value of the property you want from the vendor or contractor who Sabnyh or to pay him the price with receiving a transfer to human seller or contractor by the buyer who shall pay the amount of the loan and the cost of funding in the form of premiums periodically to ensure the mortgage property or land to be built upon , as it is a long term commensurate with the ability of the average person and his income , other than systems other funding which has proven experience not achieved the purpose and desired results being a short- or medium- term . Was held Mortgage legal tool necessary to provide the required funding in the areas of purchase and restoration and improvement and maintenance and repair of real estate , especially in Iraq , which suffers from the housing crisis, which it is difficult for the Iraqi citizen that gets adequate housing priceless immediate cash , because of the lack and scarcity of income limited , and the growing rise and continuing in housing prices and building materials , and so is Mortgage effective means by which they are to provide the needs of the middle class and the working of housing respectable , where he sought Iraq after 2003 to find and provide housing units for the Iraqi people , but the attempts collided with the inability of the Iraqi individual funding value of the housing unit He held a compound paved to finance Prime Another related drug , whether purchased or restored or built or repaired , it must contain the contract sentences take into account the social character of the fact that one of his limbs consumers from low-income or poor , where the protection of his will in the real estate credit of the possibility of exploiting the taxpayer because he needs strong for housing, and to achieve a balance between the parties to the contractual relationship and private , and that the financier of economic power and technical know-how and management to matters of mortgage credit to make it in the center rises far from the center of the buyer or the employer ( the consumer ) as a contractor innately limited knowledge about the financial operations of credit in real estate , making it the center of economic and legal needs of the poor organization of the legal nature of the pastures and protective social.