The Effect of Using Information Systems on the Quality of E-Registration in Accommodation Centers: Experimental Study


AbstractThis research highlights the importance of computerized information systems in processes organizing and facilitating the workflow throughout measuring the effect of such systems on the quality of the E-Registration information for the Iraqi educational establishments’ accommodation centers, in comparison with the traditional way which come with several limitations. The research examines two variables which are (Information Systems and E-Registration). The independent variable (Information Systems) consists of a number of sub aspects which are (The Design, The data, and the Objectives). While the dependent variable consists of both obstacles and accuracy. The research has resulted a number of questions aimed to reach for an equivalent answers along with research objectives. The research relies on the descriptive analytical approach. The data has been collected through questionnaire which presented for a random sample of students who are studying in Technical College of Management – Baghdad. The sample size was (175) students from different departments and stages as well. Then a variety of statistical tools have been applied to test the research hypothesis. The research comes out with a number of outcomes and on top of them is that: there is a significant effect of computerized information systems on the E-Registration system. This means that the increment of using such systems would increase the quality of E-Registration data. This thing reflects the importance of computerized information systems which positively affect the work procedures. In addition the sub aspects of the independent variable are also significantly impact on the dependent variables except the obstacles.