Capture of CO2 from power plants Using Different Adsorbent materials


Emission of carbon dioxide from power plant has direct effect to increase the warm of earth due to combustion of fossil fuels by power plants. Pressure swing adsorption is an economic process used to control CO2 emission to atmosphere. In the present study single column of 1m length and 2.54 cm inside diameter used to study the breakthrough time curve of CO2/N2 separation using zeolite (13X), carbon molecular sieve (CMS), and activated carbon (AC). The range of adsorption pressure was (1-3) bar at ambient temperature and product flowrate of about 0.5 ml/min. The results showed significant separation of CO2 and low level of CO2 observed in the product line of the adsorber column. Longtime of breakthrough curve observed by zeolite 13X. Regeneration of Zeolite 13X by heating at 350 Co for 12houre increased breakthrough time from 70 minutes to 175 minutes. Maximum purity of the CO2 at the vacuum pump product line was 87% and Zeolite 13X was better than others in spite of steeper mass transfer zone observed by activated carbon adsorbent.