Response of Lettuce plant (Lactuca sativa L.) to compost extract (spent mushroom) and Boron


Field experiment was conducted in two locations ,and first at Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf Governorate /Kufa district (Al-Sahla),and second at Karblaa Governorate Karblaa Al-Mokadasa in Al-Bahadlia region during the growing season of 2011-2012 to study the response of Lettuce(Lactuca sativa L.) plant spraying with compost extract (Mushroom Spent) and Boron .The experiment included 16 treatment ,i.e. interaction between two factor ,the first organic fertilizer with four concentrations (0,50,75 and 100 ml.L-1)and four concentration of Boron element (0,5,10 and 15 ml.L-1)as boric acid(17%B).The experiment was carried out in Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD) within factorial experiment .Means were compared using Duncan's Multiple Rang Test (D.M.R.T) probability at 0.05 .Spraying results showed that all concentrations of spent extract had a significant effects on all vegetative growth parameters.(plant length(cm), leaves dry weight(g), percentage of oil, total yield (Ton. Donnum-1).Spraying of 100 ml.L-1 gave the highest means for the above parameters compared to control treatment (spraying with distilled water only) which gave the lowest means for above measured parameters in both locations. Spraying with (10ml.L-1)Boron had significant effects on vegetative growth parameters in both locations compared to the other concentrations. Results also revealed a significant effects in the interaction of the two factors on the above studied vegetative growth.