Intensification and Colour Enhancing for chest X-ray Medical Images by Matlab Program


chest X-ray images considered an important test to diagnosis a several of chest diseases, it's the most commonly requested examination in any radiology department in spite of various technological advances in the field of radiology, however explanation of chest X-ray image is a complex task is because this images is tending to noise , low contrast , blurring and unwanted information hindering the analysis of the real problems in chest human being structures, this complexities associated with X-ray images make it difficult to analyze them in an effective way. In this paper, we apply anew algorithm to enhance chest X-ray digital images and thus enhance the diagnosis of specific diseases through the application of a several operations including intensification of the basic features of the images, as well as color enhancement based on applying a number of experiment equations and change the values of the main coefficient for this equations , the medical image that has been conducting all operations onto belong to Hydatid Cysts Parasite diseases in lung . when we observed the resulting images we manifestly noting the Hydatid Cyst inside the right lobe of the lung patient in the upper part of which more clearly than is the case in the original image, and this is a good indicator of the success of the proposed algorithm to enhancing the diagnosis.