Detection of ability of pathogens isolated from cardiac catheterization kit to production of biofilm in vitro


This study was conducted for the detection of virulence of pathogens isolated from cardiaccatheterization kit on the production of biofilm in vitro .the catheter tip culture Was performed foreach type of catheterization test as diagnostic catheterization samples included 66 (74.16%) hasgiven 15 (22.73%), and therapeutic catheterization samples 15 (16.85%) has given 6 (40%) infectedwith the samples of diagnostic catheterization and therapeutic together 8 (8.99%) has given theresults of 4 (50%) infected and results showed sensitivity and specificity values for the catheter Tipculture test (96%) and (100%), respectively,the results were explained after cultured the samples on Enriched and differential media ,that(89) patients (a common sample) gave 25 (28.09%) positive sample for bacterial culture, and two ofthem showed two types of bacteria were (27) isolated bacterial, bacteria diagnosed isolates was 11(70.74%) gram positive and 15 (55.56%) gram-negative and only one isolation of yeasts 1 (3.70%),although 64 (71.91%) did not give any growth. the ability of pathological isolates were tested onbiofilm production by using three different methods, (TM) Tube method , (CRA) Cong Red Agarand Microtiter Plate (MTP) has given 25 (92.6%) , 16 (58.26% ) and 26 (96.29%) the isolation ofproducing biofilm different quantities respectively , The isolation of producing biofilm in differentquantities, respectively. The results of the investigation on the composition of the biofilm The MTPtest has showed sensitivity (100%) and specificity 96%, while TM test values sensitivity was (96%)and (100%) specificity and CRA test was (61.5%) sensitivity and (100%) specificity values.The absence of local study on the ability of pathogens isolated from cardiac catheterization kiton the production of biofilm came this study*Search unsheathed from the first Master Researcher