Compartive Study of Optimal Self Tuning Fuzzy Pid, Fuzzy and Pid Controller for Speed Control of BLDC Motor


In this research we presents a compared to different study of speed controlsystem technique for a BLDC motor. The Control modules that have been designedis one of several types of traditional control and adaptive. First, the controlleris designed according to conventional PID controller. Secondly, Fuzzy controlsystems that are basically robust have been designed with seven membershipfunctions, two inputs and one output. Finally, the optimal fuzzy self-tuning PIDcontroller (STFPID) is then designed with automatically tuning PID controllerparameters (KP,KI& KD), were the fuzzy logic technique is used to adjust all gainvalue of PID controller. The gain value of PID are the output signal of the fuzzycontroller. The performances of the speed response with three controllers arecompared. The results of simulation shown that the designed STFPID controllerAchieve best performance of the BLDC motor, a perfect tracking of speed givelow rise time , less maximum overshoot ,settling time , less steady state error andgive best response versus PID and Fuzzy Logic technique. The ability techniqueto achieving the target speed and robustness to eliminate the load disturbances areone of the important aspects of this study.