Proposed New Method of Enhancement Object Trajectory Based on Typical Trajectory


In this research, a new framework is proposed to enhance the studied trajectory of certain objectbased on typical trajectory by using a specific algorithm. The proposed method consists of two stages,the first stage, extract the two trajectories of the specific objects from the two videos, by take the centerpoints of the target object in each frame of typical video to represent these center points as a typicaltrajectory of the target object. And taking the center points of the other object in each frame of studiedvideo to represent these center points as studied trajectory of the object. The second stage enhancementmethod, this method shows a good result in the aspect of enhancement to approximate the studiedtrajectory based on a typical trajectory. Consequently, the enhancement trajectory will be obtained, thistrajectory may be either approximate or the same typical trajectory. The percentage of enhancementincreased from (25%- 45%) to percentage between (87%- 100%).