The Role Of Accessibility In Promoting The Dimensions Of Urban Development Rasheed Street Case


Abstract: Transport and access systems play an important role in the structure of cities and their development, which provides easy access to important facilities and services, and with the increasing trend towards the sustainability of cities and enhance the movement of pedestrians on the one hand and the interdependence of urban structures and nodes to enhance investment opportunities and development, Search submit basic hypothesis "Urban development corresponds to the dimensions of spatial development and the economic, social, environmental and urban dimensions with the possibility and accessibility of urban space systems”, , And for the purpose of testing the hypothesis of research, the research adopted the descriptive method of analysis by adopting the morphological-structural analysis theories in Depth Map 10 and measuring the theoretical framework indicators in Al-Rasheed Street in Baghdad. The research reached the role of ease and efficiency in the group of activities Enhancing investment opportunities and thus contributing to the potential for urban growth.