Cultural Security: Stagnation or Safety?

Asst. Lectu. Sophia Butt

AL-AMEED JOURNAL مجلة العميد
ISSN: 22270345 23119152 Year: 2017 Volume: 6 Issue: 4 Pages: 142-160
Publisher: Shiite Endowment ديوان الوقف الشيعي


When reflecting on the concept of cultural security, it is important tobe mindful of its multi-faceted existenceand its far-reaching impacton individuals across the world,and,ifpondered from a theologicalperspective, in thehereafter, too. Definitions of the term ‘culture’are largely demographic in nature,premised on the idiosyncrasiesof a nation. They commonly focus on heritage and both the conservationand celebration of diversity in architecture, art, clothes, cuisine,language, literature, music, religion, tradition, and much more.Culture is, therefore,the manifestation of a multi-layered reality, atool through which individuals craft their identity and their pathsthrough life. Thus, it is no surprise that the preservation of culturesis of paramount importance to anthropologists, sociologists andsome theologians, and naturally, individuals whopossessan innatedesire to seek comfort in the familiar. However, in recent years, theterm cultural security has also taken on meanings other than thoseassociated exclusively with nations and individuals.


cultural security --- safety --- characteristic of neoliberalism --- Cultural Heritage