A Computer Program for Estimating the Sediment Load Entering the Right Side of Mosul Dam Reservoir


Mosul Dam is one of the important dams in Iraq, it suffers like other dams from the problem of sediment accumulation in the reservoir. The daily surface runoff was estimated from three main valleys (Sweedy, Crnold, Alsalam) in the right bank of the reservoir during the period 1/1/1988 - 31/8/2016 by applying SWAT model. The model performance was assessed and the results were good. The daily sediment load was estimated by three methods, Bagnold method was adopted in SWAT, while Toffaletti and Einstein methods were programed by MATLAB. The averages annual sediment load from the main valleys to the reservoir were 1.08×103 - 27.32×103, 0.08×104 - 10.41×104 and 0.44×105 - 28.66×105 tons for Bagnold, Toffaletti and Einstein methods respectively. The valley Sweedy is the main supplier of sediments to the right side of the reservoir with 89%.