The role of Human Cytomegalovirus infection in Iraqi brain tumor patients


A total of (40) astrocytoma patients tissues were enrolled in the present study which include (20) normal surrounding areas from similar tissues used as a control group. The fourty cases represented by formalin fixed paraffin embedded brain tumor tissues blocks and these blocks were collected from the archives of histopathology laboratories at Neurosurgery Teaching Hospital in Baghdad. During the period 2014 to 2015. In our study, the astrocytoma patients were classified into four groups according to their grades (I, II, III, IV). A retrospective study of (40) paraffin embedded samples which were previously diagnosed as brain tumors along with normal unaffected tissues or tissue surrounding the tumors as control were selected from different Histopathology laboratories. All the slides of the paraffin-embedded samples were re-examined and specific sections were selected to be prepared for the techniques (CISH). The Paraffin-embedded samples were sectioned to several sections with (3-4 mm) thickens on charged slides Using Chromogenic insitu hybridization procedure (CISH technique) was used to detect the HCMV on the embedded tissues by light microscope. All grade have positive results for HCMV nucleic acids but the higher percentage (100%) was present in high grades astrocytoma grades (IV).