The some cytokines Levels (TGFβ1, IL-4 , IL-6, and IL-17) in sera Patients with Diabetes Mellitus Type1,Type 2 in Nassiriya city


The present study was carried out in the Labs of collage of education for pure science and Center for Diabetes and Endocrinology of the Health Directorate in Nassiriya city, during period from January 2017 to end July of the same year. The immune status investigates for patients with diabetes type I and type II by measuring the levels of cytokines (TGFβ1, IL4, IL6,IL17 ) in sera using a technique enzyme-linked immune Sorbent adsorptive (ELISA). The study included 88 subjects with (34) type I, (34) II diabetes and (20) were healthy control. The statistical analysis showed that a high significant increase (P ≤ 0.05) in serum IL6 and IL17 as the rate of concentration of IL-6 in patients (33.07 pg / ml) compared to the control group (4.68 pg/ml) with significant difference (0.00), while IL-17 concentration (113.66 pg / ml) for patients compared with the healthy control (43.67 pg / ml ) with a significant difference (0.01) in type I patients. While a highly significant (p<0.05) of (TGFβ1 , IL-6, and IL-17 ) in patients with type 2 diabetes compared with the concentration in IL – 4 and a healthy control group. The highest concentration recorded was (132.26 , 24.69 and102.02 pg/ml) respectively, compared to the other groups . These results revealed that the excessive presence of cytokines might play a role in diabetic in Nassryain population.