Increased Transforming Growth Factor‑β and Interleukin‑17 Transcripts in Peripheral Blood of Breast Cancer Patients with Different Clinical Stages


Background: Currently, cancer as major problem around the world threatens human health and has a high incidence in developing countries.Many reports have showed that there is a dysfunction in the immune system of cancer patients. Interleukin‑17 (IL‑17) and transforming growthfactor‑β (TGF‑β) are increased in the generated through cancers, and IL‑17 is considered as a pro‑inflammatory cytokine; IL‑17 is an angiogenicfactor and promotes tumor growth. Materials and Methods: In this study TGF‑β and IL‑17, mRNA gene expression has been measuredin peripheral blood of 35 breast cancer patients and 35 normal age‑matched women using quantitative real‑time polymerase chain reactionmethod with master mix reaction containing SYBER Green. β‑actin gene was used as housekeeping gene. Results: Our data demonstrateda significant upregulation of TGF‑β and IL‑17 gene expression (P ˂ 0.05) in patient’s peripheral blood compared to normal healthy control.Levels of genes expression were higher in the breast cancer group compared to the control group. Conclusion: TGF‑β and IL‑17 expressioncould be used as a diagnostic marker for detecting breast cancer.