Phylogenetic tree analysis of Entamoeba species isolated from goats

Nuha Qasim Mohammed

Al-Qadisiyah Journal of Veterinary Medicine Sciences مجلة القادسية لعلوم الطب البيطري
ISSN: 18185746 23134429 Year: 2017 Volume: 16 Issue: 2 Pages: 38-44
Publisher: Al-Qadisiyah University جامعة القادسية


The present study was designed to species typing of parasite Entamoeba spp from goats by using PCR technique and phylogenetic tree analysis. The PCR technique was conducted for using specific primers were designed for 18S rRNA gene of Entamoeba spp. In this study, the sequence alignment analysis and phylogenetic tree analysis of Unweighted Pair Group method with Arithmetic were performed by using phylogenetic and molecular evolutionary analysis (MEGA 6.0 edition computer software) that analysis of 590bp for ribosomal 18S rRNA gene. Our isolates submitted to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI-GenBank) for getting accession number and then we were gotten (10) accession number for goat isolates. Entamoeba spp were detected in (10/50) (20%) of feces samples that collected from goat by PCR. Results of the phylogenetic tree analysis show that most isolates of Entamoeba spp. were closed related to NCBI-Blast Entamoeba bovis 18S ribosomal RNA gene (FN666250.1) with (80%) as an accession number (MF568371, MF568372, MF568373, MF568374, MF568375, MF568377, MF568378, and MF568380), whereas other NCBI- Blast Entamoeba spp. has been shown more related to Entamoeba histolytica isolate 18S ribosomal RNA gene (GQ423749.1) with (20%) as (MF568376 and MF568379). This study is first recording used of molecular phylogeny to Entamoeba spp. in goat at the first time in Iraq.