The perceptions of teachers of elementary, middle and secondary education towards learning through the STEM entrance in Afif governorate


The Ministry of Education strives to improve the students' understanding of scientific knowledge by designing programs that seek to develop the abilities of teachers, to enable them to teach effectively, and to motivate them to gain more scientific knowledge. The present study sheds light on the perceptions of primary, intermediate and secondary school teachers of science towards learning using the STEM model. The population of this study consists of (206) male and female science teachers in primary, preparatory and secondary schools in Afif Governorate. The study used the descriptive approach based on the measurements of (Al-Enezi and Algeber 2017) that consists of two axes: the first is to reveal teachers’ perception of the use of the (STEM) technique and it was composed of 16 phrases and the second is to probe their knowledge about the teaching requirements for the use of STEM and it included (14) phrases. The answers were classified using three levels: (low, medium, and high). One of the most important result of the current study is that there was statistically significant difference at level of (0.01) in the teachers’ perception towards the STEM technique based on gender variable and it was in favor of female teachers compared to male teachers as well as significant statistically differences at the level of (0.01) in teachers' perception of STEM based on the specialization variable. The most important recommendation is to use the different models as the results showed that the teachers’ attitudes towards this were insignificant, whereas STEM underlines the need to help students achieve a deep understanding of scientific issues