Neotectonic Evidences in Guwair-Humaira Area SE Mosul-Iraq


Neotectonic evidences were detected along Kirkuk-Najd- fault system that passes towards N45W along Guwair anticline, Humaira, Hawi Aslan, Zanquba and Mosul city through the Tigris River belt passing towards Iraqi- Syrian-Turkish borders. Ninivite persists through these localities. Two sets of slickensides forming two shear movements, restricting two acute angles 60o and 32o respectively, have their clear imprints on the newly formed Ninivite.Geochemical work concerning oxides distribution and element movements enrolled mainly by pH declinations through sample distribution assured the structural imprint of slickensides on a Ninivite rock on sample distribution covering unaltered and altered phases. Two main alteration events were picked up through samples 14 and 16 respectively. These events marked H2S and CH4 gas seepages produced as a result of any newly detected seismic activities. The analysis of stress refers to the N45W i.e. rejuvenation of Kirkuk-Najd fault system. During alteration, SiO2 enriched, while CaO, CO2, SO3, L.O.I, P2O5, were depleted and Al2O3 and Fe2O3 were migrated and eventually concentrated in the outer zones to form Alunite and Jarosite respectively.The same behavior applied to the trace elements, many of them were redistributed and concentrated after alteration like; Ni, Co, Zn, Ce, Y, and Li. Other trace elements are depleted like; Cr, Ag, Pb, and Cu.