Facies Analysis and Geological modeling of Euphrates Formation in Ajeel Oil Field, Northern Iraq

Muhand Hassan Mahammed --- Medhat E. Nasser

Iraqi Journal of Science المجلة العراقية للعلوم
ISSN: 00672904/23121637 Year: 2018 Volume: 59 Issue: 4B Pages: 2065-2079
Publisher: Baghdad University جامعة بغداد


Abstract The current study summarized the construction of a three-dimensional geological model of the Aquitanian sediments age, which represented by the Euphrates and Serikagni formation in Ajeel Oil Field, where Ajeel Oil Field has structural closure towards northwest - southeast. Sedimentary of the current study consist of limestone, dolomitic limestone, dolomite (compose of skeletal grains, non-skeletal grains and cement) and the appearance of some anhydrite rocks. The petrographic study of the Euphrates Formation were prepared using a thin section of wells (Aj-1, Aj-4, Aj-5, Aj-6 and Aj-7), Previous studies and geological reports, as well as use well logs data in the statistical analysis by Petrel software using the Neural Network and Train Estimation Model, for divide sedimentary environments of Euphrates Formation. The petrographic analysis showed mudstone, wackstone, packstone and grainstone facies. The sedimentary environment was then determined and the sedimentary model of the current study rocks in the Ajeel field which compared with Wilson scheme where represented by zones (FZ-6, FZ-8, FZ-7) extend through lagoon environment, back shelf and open shelf, through the sedimentary model was determined the type of Euphrates Formation platform(Rimmed Platform).


Facies Analysis --- Geological modeling --- Euphrates Formation --- Ajeel oil Field