Effects of Coupling between Lateral and Torsional Motions in Seismic Response of Buildings


The goal of the present paper is to study the adequacyof torsional provisions in the international buildings code (IBC)for irregular building taken into account effect of the angles ofseismic attacks. The responses of the frame-shear-wall twelvestory asymmetric building under earthquake loading by usingequivalent lateral force procedure and dynamic responsespectrum analysis have been studied intensively in this presentresearch paper. This study performs static and dynamicresponse analyses of building models under earthquake groundmotions compatible with the design response spectrum definedin the international buildings code. The dynamic responsespectrum was scaled according to the code static base shear. Thestatic and dynamic base shear with different angles of seismicattacks has been calculated. The scaling factors, angles ofseismic attacks, accidental storey torsions, storey shear,dynamic and static base shear have been evaluated here. Thetorsional moment at different storey levels for dynamic analysishas been estimated and compared with the static values.