Significance of the words of readiness for war and victory in the approach of rhetoric

دلالة ألفاظ الاستعداد للحرب والنصرة في نهج البلاغة

أ.د.محسن حسين علي الخفاجي ثريا حسين بريسم

journal of Human Sciences مجلة العلوم الانسانية
ISSN: 19922876 Year: 2019 Volume: 1 Issue: 26 Pages: 77-97
Publisher: Babylon University جامعة بابل


The words of war preparedness and backwardness:The approach of Balagha is the metal of science and eloquence and a source of various sciences. Ashraf joined the speech and informed him after the words of Allah and the words of his Prophet (peace be upon him and his family) and the most powerful material and the most advanced method, and was still the focus of the attention of researchers and scholars, despite his study at different levels of language and eloquence, Researchers have overlooked the connotation of the words of war readiness and backwardness.The title of this research was the meaning of the words of the preparation for war and backwardness. The nature of the research material was based on two paragraphs or two fields. The words of each field are related to the tandem relationship. The first field: preparation for war, Wazer). After completing the research, I shared with him the most important findings :1.Islam is the imposition of jihad on Muslims in order to protect the Islamic nation and defend it from those who wanted Islam worse or tried to obliterate the Islamic identity and human principles, not imposed for expansion and aggression against others, Islam is not based on bloodshed, but injects human blood and preserve it and His dignity.2.The accuracy of the choice of Imam (peace be upon him) of the word, because of its significance does not exist in other than that the word (demonstrated) in the words (peace be upon him): ((God if the Arabs pretended to fight for those who did not)). Which is indicative of the meeting and aid, it was possible to use the word gathered or cooperated, but he (peace be upon him) changed it for what is required by the situation and the occasion. , That is, each other. The research was then supplemented by the most important sources in which it was provided, followed by a summary in English.

الحمدلله الدي علم الإنسان مالم يعلم والصلاة والسلام على خير الأنام محمد وعلى ابن عمه ووصيه علي بن أبي طالب وعلى آله الطيبين الطاهرين، وبعد : فقد حوى نهج البلاغة لأمير البلغاء وسيد الفصحاء على أفصح الكلام وأغزره من خطب ورسائل ووصايا وحكم، فكان ومازال منهلّا للعلماء والمفكرين والباحثين والدارسين على اختلاف مشاربهم، فتناولوه بالشرح والتوضيح والدراسة، فكلّ أدلى دلوه لينال بدلك شرف دراسته الحصول على العلم والمعرفة والثواب والقربة إلى الله تعالى. فقدمت على نيل الخيرين العلم والثواب بالبحث في دلالة ألفاظ الاستعداد للحرب والنصرة ،التي ضمّها نهج البلاغة فنجد دقة إختيار الإمام للفظة للتعبير عن الموقف ومناسبة الظروف المحيطة به ،ونجد أيضًا قصدية الإمام لاتكمن في دلالة اللفظة السطحية في كثير منها، وإنما هناك دلالة عميقة تدعو للتفكر والتأمل والتدبر.


The words --- nhaj Al-balagha --- the war --- ألفاظ الإستعداد للحرب، نهج البلاغة، حقول دلالية