Essentially Small Quasi-Dedekind Module Relative to a Module

Nagham Ali Hussen --- Marrwa Abdallah Salih --- Mukdad Qaess Hussein

Al-Nahrain Journal of Science مجلة النهرين للعلوم
ISSN: (print)26635453,(online)26635461 Year: 2018 Volume: 00 Issue: 1 Pages: 171-173
Publisher: Al-Nahrain University جامعة النهرين


Let R be a ring with identity and let M be a unitary left module over R. In this paper, we study direct summand (direct sum) of essentially small quasi-Dedekind module (essentially small quasi-Dedekind modules). Also, give the definition of essentially small quasi-Dedekind relative to a module with some examples. We give some of their basic properties and some examples that illustrate these properties.


Small modules --- quasi-Dedekind modules.