Job Lawlessness A Pilot Study of Opinions of Sample of Employees in Al-Hamdaniya University


The present research aims the factors that effect on job lawlessness phenomenon at the university of Hamdaniya, it tackles some personal and employment variables like (sex, social back ground, social condition, family size and income level). The sample consists of the (100) employees, like (males and females) intentionally selected from all the colleges in the university of Hamdaniya. A case study method applied study the files of the employees (males and females) during the period between (2013 - 2017), and included self-factor, economical factor, social factor, policy factor and educational factor. The data have processed statistically using cay square and (t-test). The analysis has shown that the satisfaction differs among the factors the effect on lawlessness phenomenon. There has also been statistical differences which depend on personal variables and employment environment, like; social condition, monthly income, and size of the family. Other factors have shown no differences like: sex, and social back ground) depending on these result. The researcher proposed a number of suggestions.