The kinetic behavior of the magnesium ion release in different soils salinity and texture

Mahdi Abdul Kadium Abed --- Roaa Maki Shaalan Al-Asadi

Euphrates Journal of Agriculture Science مجلة الفرات للعلوم الزراعية
ISSN: 38752072 Year: 2018 Volume: 10 Issue: 2 Pages: 215-228
Publisher: Al-kasim University جامعة القاسم الخضراء


The study was conducted in order to identifying the kinetic behavior of the magnesium ion in different soil salinity and texture. Five different locations were selected from the soils of the Middle Euphrates provinces, (Aufi village and Al Kifil district - Abu Najm marsh (Sabkha)) and Najaf province (Kufa district - Hasawiya village) and two sites of Diwaniyah province, one of Shoura and the other Sabkha (AL Sudair district). The selection was made on the basis of variation in salinity levels 13.61, 163.76, 22.21, 215.6 and 234.16.ds.m-1, respectively, and texture clay loam, silt loam, sandy loam, silt loam and clay respectively. These soils were treated with three water types which at different ionic strength such a river water, a well and a Drainage that ranged from 0.02 to 0.03 and 0.09 mol, respectively. It was found that the efficiency of washing increased by increasing the number of wash cycles and that the Cumulative electrical conductivity values for the study soils were 23.50-941.42 ds.m-1. Magnesium release values cumulatively ranged between 308.29-3.10 cmol. Kg-1. The lowest value for cumulative electrical conductivity and Magnesium release cumulatively was found in the Awfi village that treated with river water and highest value in AL Sudair district (Sabkha ) treated with Drainage water. Two kinetic equations were applied to describe the kinetic behavior of magnesium ion release, namely the parabolic diffusion equation and the Power function equation. Both equations were applied using Statistica. The results showed the superiority of the Power function equation on the Parabolic diffusion equation by giving the highest determination coefficient of (R2 0.987) and the lowest a standard error of (SE 0.045) for the soils irrigated with Drainage water of AL Sudair district, and the values of the magnesium release rate range of (6.451-0.251).