Development of Sinusitis After Sinus Floor Elevation Surgery: A Systematic Review

Huda Moutaz Asmael --- Ali Riyadh Raouf --- Ali Khalid Saaed

Journal of baghdad college of dentistry مجلة كلية طب الاسنان بغداد
ISSN: 16800087 Year: 2018 Volume: 30 Issue: 4 Pages: 20-23
Publisher: Baghdad University جامعة بغداد


Background: Maxillary sinusitis can arise after sinus floor elevation surgery and should be treated immediately to prevent further complications which included dental implants failure, graft lost, and oro-antral fistula. This is the first systematic review to assess the incidence, causes, and treatment of sinusitis after sinus lift surgery.Materials and methods: An electronic search included MEDLINE (PUBMED) data base site was carried out for articles involving development of sinusitis after sinus lift surgery from September 1997 up to April, 8, 2017. The search was done and reviewed by two independent authors.Results: The total results of electronic search were (182) abstracts and articles, the extracted articles which involved development of sinusitis after sinus lift surgery were (25) studies. Of the 25 articles only (8) articles fit the inclusion criteria. Maxillary sinusitis was calculated for all selected studies and it was ranged from 2.12% to 12.7% with average of 5.4 %.Conclusion: Maxillary sinusitis could be developed after sinus lift surgery with average of 5.4 % and the patients with previous maxillary sinus disease showed to be at increased risk of sinusitis after sinus lift surgery


Sinusitis after sinus lift --- sinus lift complication --- systematic review