The principles (rules) of the traveller's prayer – A doctrinal comparable study


In the name of Allah, most gracious, most mercifull0 The islamic law (sharia'h) has greatly interested in dealing with the fellow- men benefits, and being ever thing easier, raising the critical points to follow the commandments of Allah and not being restrained them 0 The travel is one of these rules that changed, as the traveller must allow to do that and isn't permissible for someone else. One of these rules which has been affected by the travel is (The rules of shortening the prayer of the (traveller) and because of being happened continuously . I choose this an essential subject to look into its rules which should be included ascertain condition's to get a large – scale by affecting a lot of people concerning This research is written to provide many elementary topics: The first condition covers the definition of the travel idiomatically and in terminology side. The 2nd topic: what is required to travel containing five cases or conditions: The first condition: the type of travel: to the sharia'h duties0 The second condition: how to get the limited and specified distance religiousy . The third condition: the international distance to cut across0 The 4 the condition: passing through the blocks country 0 The 5th condition: not over powered the travel compared to the traveller . The third topic: The rules of the traveller's prayer, which has demanded three requirements: The first demand: shortening .The second demand: combining between two prayers . The third demand: the conditions of combining between two prayers. The 4th topic: the elapsing rule of the travel.Finally, i have been easily approached to the following:The idiomatic meaning for the travel and for all the public jurisprudents (scholars) is to cut across the limited distance religiously and getting a certain intended place having the intention and willingness, so the rambling or the wanderer has not been applied these rules, some quote-Islamic scholars view thought that the wanderer such as [tribal man] who has been put away in its place looking for the grassy areas should shorten if he has stayed there deliberately.Many of those jurisprudents (Islamic scholars) agreed on the same time they were rather different in some details . Most of the Islamic jurisprudents got onto that the reason for shortening the prayer is the travel itself, because the almighty Allah has made it as a cause to lift that embarrassment and hardship, although some of them said the real reason for shortening prayer is a hardship.