The legitimate and legal Ruling of the virtual Currency bitcoin


: Humanity dealt with barter, gold, silver , dinar , dirham and then the money , and since money is one the important social phenomena , it has been marked through out the ages with great Development in form and content. Monover the tochncal development in telecommunication,banking industry development and the spread of e- commerce in economical life have contributed in the emerse of a new form of money which is called the electronic money or also know as digital money further the virtual currency bitcoin is considered one of the latest forms of digital money which has been widely used in the last two decades be many combanies around the world to invest in it and has been accepted by many countries and markets for its easy and speed use . in addition there are many electronic stores and exchange machines that exchange currencies such as the dollar with bitcoin although countries still dont have clear systems to regulate or restrict the bitcoin currency defying the decentralized unknown nature of it becouse there is no sovereign body to guarantee it and still most countries analyzes ways to regulate this currency properly re to allow legal use and prevent illegal . Transactions , general speaking the thrive of bitcoin curreny is still condifend by the expansion in its use and the international recognition to accept it officially , especially when the experts agree that the future is for electronic digital curreny .