النحو العربي محاولات تيسيره وطرائق تدريسه

محمود حبيب شلال المشهداني

journal of islamic sciencec collge مجلة كلية العلوم الاسلامية
ISSN: 20578626 Year: 2011 Issue: 27 Pages: 441-485
Publisher: Baghdad University جامعة بغداد


This research deals with the importance of grammar among other disciplines of Arabic, the necessity of learning it to let native and nonnative speakers pronounce it correctly, and correct their speech and writing. In addition, it covers the reasons that make it difficult in teaching it, some of which are:

1. Misunderstanding the function of grammar and the ambiguity of the goals of teaching it.
2. Shortage of suitable grammatical texts, prepared especially for its learners.
3. Weakness in qualification of teachers and sterility of teaching methods.
The research concludes that the most serious cause of the difficulty of grammar and the failure of its facilitation through the ages is that rules of grammar do not apply to people's colloquial speech. This means the disappearance of the function of grammar, also, an indiscrimination of two levels in teaching grammar: theory of grammar (concept) and instructional grammar (practice).
The research covers the study and analysis of the most serious efforts of simplification by ancients and moderns, beginning with the experiment of Ibn Mudha'a al- Qurtubi and ending with Al-Jewary's. Also covered are the most important phases of simplification and its forms, stating my own point of view on its simplification and facilitating its methods of teaching.
I tried my best to cover the most widely used and spread methods of teaching it, which are: 1. Comparative method, 2.Inferential method, 3. Solution of problems method, 4. The 'what' method, 5.Modulated method (Integrational texts method) which is a form of integration in teaching Arabic.
It is indispensable to refer to significant modern trends in teaching grammar, focusing on Ibn Khaldoon's concept of forming fluency by studying beautiful texts analytically and the adoption of US and European designed programmes for teaching language, for these programmes influenced most of the international trends in teaching grammar.