Immune relationahip between Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Listeria monocytogenes


In order to known the effect of whole sonicated L. monocytogenes antigen on as mice experimentally infected with P.aeruginosa.,30 white mice,8-12 weeks age, were divided randomly into three equal groups..The 1st group was immunized subcutaneously twice with (0.5)ml of whole sonicated P.aeruginosa antigen(7.6mg/ml concentration protein) ,with two weeks intervals.The cellular immune responses was checked at (27) days post-immunization The animals of the 1st and 2nd groups were challenged subcutaneously with (0.5) ml of bacterial suspension contain1X10 9cfu/ml of virulent P.aeruginosa while the 3rd group was inoculated S/C with (0.5)ml of sterile phosphate buffer saline and served as control negative group.. The resuls showed that the prepared antigen antigen induced a good protection in the immunized animals which was,characterized by survival all immunized animals and no bacterial isolates and pathological changes in the internal organs after infection with P.aeruginosa as compared with nonimmunized infected animals,which died after infection, with severe bacterial isolates and sever acute suppurative reaction in their internal organs..