Different Software Components Integration using C# and Matlab Platforms

Rabab Jassim Mohsun --- Hassan Awheed Jeiad --- Mohammed Najm Abdullah

Engineering and Technology Journal مجلة الهندسة والتكنولوجيا
ISSN: 16816900 24120758 Year: 2011 Volume: 29 Issue: 2 Pages: 195-211
Publisher: University of Technology الجامعة التكنولوجية


The distributed computations can produce significant performance gains,yet the time and expertise needed for the low-level details of distribution is oftenprohibitive. Additionally, many applications rely heavily on domain-specificlibraries, while it is not practicable to write an optimizing compiler each time adomain-specific library is developed. The purpose of this paper is to solve thisproblem by proposing a distribution system which distributes job execution overseveral computers using a distribution Matlab compiler, called the Matlab gridcompiler.The implementation concentrates on connecting several computersknown as clients to a main computer known as the administrator. A softwareapplication is built using Microsoft visual studio, then executed on a server-clientnetwork, and the results showed that integrating the components of C# and Matlabgives a valuable worth performance for the distributed computation techniques.


Distributed Computation --- Grid system --- C# --- Matlab