Mechanical Properties of Acrylic Mortar


This paper focus on the effect of the acrylic polymer on the performance of cement mortar and cement-lime mortar, through studying; the water –reduction effect of the acrylic in the mortar, and the influence of the acrylic on the density, compressive and tensile strength of the hardened mortar . The effect of sand content on the water demand and mechanical properties of mortars was also studied . The experimental results show that the acrylic is reduce the water in cement mortar by 20% while in cement-lime mortar is 4%. Also the acrylic increases the compressive strength in cement mortar compared to cement-lime mortar at age of 28 days. In tensile strength the increases was 15.7% and that companied with increase in density due to acrylic in cement mortar while in cement-lime mortar the increase in tensile strength was 13.2% at age of 28 days. While the increasing of the sand content leads to increasing in water demand and reducing of the mechanical properties. The paper shown that cement-lime mortar have excellent workability but low level of mechanical strength.